You may pass by a door daily in your apartment complex, at work, and even in school. It displays the Exit sign and is one of the imperative pathways anywhere. These Exit signs and emergency lighting are required regardless of the size of your business, institution, and buildings. Both are part of a bigger safety system protecting people from massive loss. 

Exit signs are required by law, so no one should be removing them from their property. But there are many other benefits to installing these signs, as well. Let's find out what they are!

5 Safety Benefits of Exit Signs

Quick Way Out

Use exit signs with emergency lighting to make it easier for employees and anyone in your commercial building to leave the premises. In the case of a fire, gas leak, or another dangerous scenario, these signs clearly show where exits are situated. At all times, signs must be visible.

Keep Up With Law and Order:

Exit signs with emergency lighting help you meet federal and state safety laws. Federal laws require signs to be at least six inches tall and two inches broad, with a reliable illumination source. Avoiding the Installing of lit exit signs may result in penalties and other issues with an inspector locally.

Assistance to First Aiders

Install emergency lighting on exit signs to help first aiders find their way in and out of your building in the event of a fire or other emergency. Everyone gets out of the building promptly and safely with the help of illuminated signs.

They Have a Calming Effect on People:

Exit signs and emergency lighting have a calming effect on people because they are an indication that there is a way out of the situation. Exit signs are helpful for people with anxiety and those who may be in danger since it shows where the exit is. Emergency lights can help calm down those feeling stressed or panicked.

They Can be Helpful for People Who Have Trouble Seeing:

Emergency lighting is a type of light used in emergencies or when the power goes out. It is also used in buildings and other structures to improve visibility and safety. Exit signs are an essential part of emergency lighting because they provide direction for people who cannot see well. This is why they are usually illuminated using neon and brighter lights. If someone loses their glasses or cannot see correctly because of the smoke, they can conveniently know where the exit sign is and protect themselves from harm's way. 

Bottom Line:

You now know how beneficial it is to have an exit sign and emergency lights. They can be a helping hand in a chaotic situation and protect you from harm's way. Moreover, as per instructions by law, it's crucial that any building, company, or even school have an emergency exit to protect all the people inside it. Use them in case any mishappening occurs!